I was asked to paint something for the Cougar Cottage dining room which is a place for the MTCS family to gather and fellowship. The president of MTCS and his wife are wonderfully generous people, and this 4′ by 2′ oil painting describes one of their favorite hymns. It is a challenging one to live by, but they model it on a daily basis.

Cougar Cottage Flowers 2014


“Donald” is an 11″ by 14″ oil painting commissioned by Donald’s family as a gift for his son. Donald recently passed away from Leukemia. He was a wonderful, generous Christian man, and his family wanted to remember and honor him by having his portrait painted.

Donald 2014

A Few of the Frazier’s Favorite Things

I have some wonderful, talented friends who wanted a combination of paintings created that would remind them of some of their favorite things, both individually and as a couple. This oil painted wall-collage is made of 9 separate 16″ by 12″ canvases each representing a favorite thing. It was a lot of fun to paint and it looks great hanging in their newly re-decorated living room.

Fraziers Collage 2014



“Sheep” is a 4′ by 3′ palette knife oil painting I created to hang in our future baby’s nursery. I was inspired by color, texture, and of course the sheep!


Harrell Farm

This painting was commissioned to be given as a Christmas present.  It is a 20″ x 30″ oil painting showing the family’s farm, and their 6 horses, along with one of their favorite roosters.



Love and Logging

This 2′ x 4′ oil painting was commissioned by Daniel’s cousin to give to her boyfriend as a Christmas present.  It was very fun to do because she wanted sort of a past, present, and future feel, showing the evolution of logging through time.  The far left is painted to look like a black and white photograph, then I tried to slowly fade into a muted color palette in the middle image, and then fade to full color in the most important section of the canvas, their favorite picture from his company’s work site.



Maddie with Balloons

This 20″ x 20″ oil painting was commissioned by one of my best friends to give to her brother-in-law and sister-in-law.  I painted it using a photograph of her adorable niece!

Little Girl with Balloon

Kash the Dog

Kash was created with colored pencils for my sister-in-law and brother-in-law.  This was a Christmas present created to hang next to the colored pencil drawing I did of their other cavalier king charles spaniel, Baylee.



First Trip to the Beach

This was a commissioned oil painting created as a gift for Mother’s Day. I was given a photograph of their three children as they looked at the beach for the first time.


Taylor’s Truck

This oil painting was created as a thank you to a wonderful Senior helper. He worked really hard to help us out in the art room, so he deserved something special.


The Grand Canyon

This was a commission work created for one of my high school friends to give to her husband on their anniversary using some of their favorite photos from their trip.


Holy Cow!

“Holy Cow!” was named quite easily as it is the first thing everyone who sees it exclaimes! 🙂  This is a 6 feet wide by 9 feet tall palette knife painting created to hang over a large rounded staircase.  I love doing commission work, and this one holds the new record for the largest oil painting I have ever done!