Illustrations in Seasons

Although she is younger than I am, Martina Eddy Smith has had a huge impact on me. She is incredibly selfless and loving. She is brilliant and creative, but humble. Most importantly she walks the walk God has set before her with transparency and grace. She and her husband want to foster/adopt in the future and she began writing books and selling them to raise the funds. She blessed us in a huge way by not only asking me to be the illustrator of the book “Seasons”, but also donating the first shipment of books so 100% of the sales went to our adoption fund! Those who ordered the book know how special it is. Check out her website for upcoming books, riddles, and fun ways to motivate children to read at

Illustrations_In_Seasons_1_2015 Illustrations_In_Seasons_5_2015 Illustrations_In_Seasons_4_2015 Illustrations_In_Seasons_3_2015 Illustrations_In_Seasons_2_2015

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