In Memory of Paul Thomas Batey

This painting was commissioned by a wonderful Christian family to show love and support to the Batey family after the loss of their son, Paul. He was well loved by all and was also a talented musician and an avid outdoors-man which are both highlighted in the painting itself. He is still missed in our community, but he lived his short life for God, and he ran his race well!

In Memory of Paul Thomas Batey 2015

The Children’s Wing

I’ve had a great time working with our wonderful church and helping their vision become a reality. Here’s one of the walls that our kiddos will hopefully get to enjoy for a long time.

The Childrens Wing Wall 2015

Hope and a Future – Anwar

This painting was created to resemble my original “Hope and a Future” painting. The “Hope” is from the wall of one of the orphanages that Ordinary Hero works with in Ethiopia. The child featured in this painting is one of the precious Ethiopian students I’ve been blessed to work with this year.

Hope And A Future - Anwar

Hope and a Future

This painting was created to be auctioned off at the Ordinary Hero benefit event. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching two children who have had their lives changed by this wonderful organization doing amazing things in Africa. They are both wonderful Christian young men who are using their talents and experiences to bless others.

Hope And A Future 1

God Works In You

Always remember God is using us, but we are just the vessels. It is God working in us that deserves any praise. Any good that we do is through Him and for Him. We have the honor of being the vessels! This painting was created to be auctioned off at our adoption benefit dinner.

God Works In You 2015


This painting was created to be auctioned off at our adoption fundraiser. I think he had the most bids at the auction. People in Tennessee really like their roosters!

Rooster Painting 2015

Ask, Seek, Knock

This painting was created to be auctioned off at our adoption benefit dinner. It is to remind us that if you are searching for God or His will you need only ask, seek, and knock! Too often we quit asking because the wait seems too long or the answer isn’t what we want it to be, but God does work all things out to bless His children!

Ask Seek Knock 2015

Montego Bay

This painting was commissioned by my boss to give to his son. I used a photo they took on a recent visit. His son is doing great work as a social worker near Miami.

Montego Bay 2014

Baby Libi

This painting was commissioned to be given to a well loved boss by his employees. It is of his new baby on a day that was very special to their family.

Baby Libi 2014

McPherson Vet Series (continued)

Here are a few more of the series I’m creating in a special, funky style for McPherson Veterinary Services. Miles loves his vet, and I’m so happy I get to help them redecorate their office using photos of their own clients who have been adopted!

McPherson Vet Series Dog 1 2014   McPherson Vet Series Dog 2 2014   McPherson Vet Series Dog 3 2014   McPherson Vet Series Cat 1 2014

Still Waters

Still Waters was created for my parent’s newly redecorated bedroom, and it features one of my favorite places near Rome, Tivoli Gardens.

Still Waters 2014

Celebrating Tom

This commissioned 18″ by 24″ oil painting was created to celebrate the many aspects of Tom’s life; from his family farm and love for Ohio State, to his favorite tractor, loving wife and years of working for Goodyear. Happy 60th Tom!

Celebrating Tom 2014

Miles (McPherson Vet)

“Miles” is a 3 ft by 2 ft multimedia painting I created as part of a commission piece series for McPherson Veterinary Services in Murfreesboro.   Miles, our 4-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,  has been visiting Dr. McPherson since he was a puppy, and he loves her and her amazing staff.  Dr. McPherson is redecorating her office, and we have come up with this funky style to depict some of the adopted cats and dogs that are her clients.  All of the money from painting these adopted pets will be going to fund our adoption, so this series is both meaningful and a lot of fun.  The first room is done, so swing by and check it out if you’re in the area!

Miles 2014


“Magic” is a 16″ by 20″ oil painting created as a special gift to some of my friends who recently gave birth to a precious baby boy. His nursery is inspired by Harry Potter, and his mom loves to read. I used their house colors in the sky, Hogwarts castle is popping up from the book, and of course a quote had to be included from Dumbledore!

Magic 2014