Solley Farm

This painting was commissioned to be given to Mr. Solley on his birthday by his family. I know several of the branches from this family tree, and I think it’s safe to say that he’s a wonderful, Christian man! Happy Birthday!



This is the painting I did of our precious son to give to his foster family who took great care of him before he came home with us from Korea. He is perfect and God is good!

Gideon 2015

Grand Canyon at Sunset

Cora recently commissioned me to do a really cool project: she wants me to paint on small scale painting for every trip she takes. She is a world traveler, so this should be fun! Here is the picture she took of the grand canyon as an oil painting.


Chinese Temple

Cora was able to visit China because one of our best friends is living there doing mission work! She had a fantastic trip, and this painting was created to hang in her living room and remind her of her trip.


You Make All Things New

God has taken care of my dear friend through a major valley in life and truly made all things new for her in the beautiful state of Oregon. She took this picture on her first trip there, and it is truly amazing how her life has changed in just one year. Put your hope in God. When others fail, He never will. He will even make something more beautiful and durable out of the broken pieces!


Young Mahlet

Created for one of my favorite former students, who I never really had in class! You are beautiful inside and out, and it was my pleasure to try to imagine what you looked like as a small child in Ethiopia!

Young Mahlet 2015

Kylan, Zaela, and Coulter

These oil paintings were created for our cousin Tia displaying her three beautiful children in their home. They feature handsome Kylan, magical eyes Zaela, and little butter ball Coulter.

Kylan 2015 Zaela 2015Coulter 2015


Sophie was created to give to her human as a present for her graduation! Steph, your love for nature, animals, and even people is one of the reasons why I love you!

Sophie 2015

Illustrations in Seasons

Although she is younger than I am, Martina Eddy Smith has had a huge impact on me. She is incredibly selfless and loving. She is brilliant and creative, but humble. Most importantly she walks the walk God has set before her with transparency and grace. She and her husband want to foster/adopt in the future and she began writing books and selling them to raise the funds. She blessed us in a huge way by not only asking me to be the illustrator of the book “Seasons”, but also donating the first shipment of books so 100% of the sales went to our adoption fund! Those who ordered the book know how special it is. Check out her website for upcoming books, riddles, and fun ways to motivate children to read at

Illustrations_In_Seasons_1_2015 Illustrations_In_Seasons_5_2015 Illustrations_In_Seasons_4_2015 Illustrations_In_Seasons_3_2015 Illustrations_In_Seasons_2_2015

In Memory of Paul Thomas Batey

This painting was commissioned by a wonderful Christian family to show love and support to the Batey family after the loss of their son, Paul. He was well loved by all and was also a talented musician and an avid outdoors-man which are both highlighted in the painting itself. He is still missed in our community, but he lived his short life for God, and he ran his race well!

In Memory of Paul Thomas Batey 2015

The Children’s Wing

I’ve had a great time working with our wonderful church and helping their vision become a reality. Here’s one of the walls that our kiddos will hopefully get to enjoy for a long time.

The Childrens Wing Wall 2015

Hope and a Future – Anwar

This painting was created to resemble my original “Hope and a Future” painting. The “Hope” is from the wall of one of the orphanages that Ordinary Hero works with in Ethiopia. The child featured in this painting is one of the precious Ethiopian students I’ve been blessed to work with this year.

Hope And A Future - Anwar